How it works is India’s latest Cashback and deal sharing platform. It helps you save on all your online purchases across hundreds of the shopping websites. At the same time, you can create your own cashback trackable links and share with friends and family. Earning Cashback is simple, just click through activate cashback link and visit the website to complete the shopping. And avail interesting discounts along with additional cashback. You can transfer this cashback into your bank account once it is above minimum payment threshold, at your convenience.
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Not at all. This is a FREE Cashback service. You do not have to pay anything.

Cashback Related Information

We've made it easy to earn the real income online. Now, you can create cashback trackable links from our partner merchants and share with your friends & family. Whoever purchase using the link, you will earn real cashback in your cashback account.
These are the things that you can be mindful of to ensure that your cashback tracks properly.
Make sure you are logged into your CouponExpress account.

Check cashback rates for the store to ensure the category you are shopping for has cashback.
Make sure you disabled the AdBlock as it is known to interfere with tracking.
When you click on offer or store, CouponExpress will open a window linking you to that store. Please ensure that you transact in the opened window.
Please ensure you start with empty shopping cart. If it's not empty, please clear the contents of your cart and visit the store via CouponExpress again.
Do not use any price comparison or discount widgets while shopping.
For merchant specific conditions, please view the "Useful Tips" section on the merchant page.

The pending cashback tracked amounts are calculated by CouponExpress on a best efforts basis and can change upon final confirmation from the store. This is because when a transaction is tracked, most stores do not provide all the information required to accurately track cashback. Without the exact purchase amount, product category, new or existing user, etc. details from the store. There is no way for us to know the exact cashback at this stage. On confirmation, the final confirmed cashback can be lower or higher, depending on the various factors mentioned above. In case you feel your cashback transaction was confirmed for an incorrect amount.

Yes, there are stores and offers on which there is no cashback applicable. These will not carry the additional cashback label. However, you can still use the coupon codes and deals on these stores to get a discount during the checkout.

Pending Cashback/Rewards is cashback money on the way.

When we have tracked your transactions via CouponExpress we add the cashback to your account as "Pending Cashback". As your purchase is still awaiting merchant confirmation, subject to no return or cancellation and other terms. We cannot allow you to withdraw this amount and label it as "Pending". In 4-8 weeks, this amount should get updated to confirmed once the merchant approves the purchase.

Confirmed Cashback/Reward is real money that you can withdraw as you like. It is cashback for purchases that have been approved as valid by the store. Once you have more than certain amount Confirmed Cashback, you can transfer this cashback as and when you like without any hidden costs or deductions.

If your cashback is cancelled by the retailer, your cashback amount for that transaction will be removed from the pending balance. The status of the transaction will be set to cancelled in your cashback activity page.

The store holds sole discretion in determining the validity of a transaction. If you believe the cashback was wrongly cancelled, you can submit a claim here. We will try our best to raise it with the merchant and get you the cashback. However, please note that once a retailer has made a decision, it is final.

Refer & Earn

You can earn a bonus amount for each friend that signs up using your referral code and fulfils the requirements related to referral. There are no caps on the number of friends you can refer, so you can potentially earn amount of money for referring friends to CouponExpress.

To view the details for your referral scheme, please login to your CouponExpress account and visit the 'Refer and Earn' under your profile.

To view the details for your referral scheme, please login to your CouponExpress account and visit the "Refer and Earn" under your profile or simply click here.

There are multiple ways to invite your friends via referral:

1. Share your Referral Code with friends and ask them to enter it during signup.

2. Invite via social channels available on the CouponExpress Referral page.

3. Invite via email options on the Referral page

Share & Earn

We've made it easy to earn the real income online. Now, you can create cashback trackable links from our partner merchants and share with your friends & family. Whoever purchase using the link, you will earn real cashback in your cashback account.

Tracking issues

If your cashback was not tracked, checking the following can help: 1. Minimum 72 hours have passed since you made the purchase. Sometimes stores can take upto 72 hrs to track. Note : 5 days passed in case of Amazon 2.You completed the purchase in the same session after clicking out of CouponExpress. 3. You did not use any other widget or comparison site after getting redirected from couponexpress. Please click here to file a Missing Cashback Claim for the transaction which was not tracked. Note : Merchants accept claim for cashback not tracked cases only till 7th of next month from the purchase date. For eg. you made a purchase on 20th Mar, you can file a Missing Transaction Claim till 7th April.

It can sometimes take up to 3 days for a retailer to track a transaction. Hence retailers do not accept any missing claim before the end of this period.

Our sophisticated system tracks every time you click out from our website to any of our partner retailers. If you do not see a retailer in the clicks dropdown then you have not visited the retailer via our website. Perhaps you forgot to sign in when you visited a retailer, in which case the visit will not show in your Click list.


The cashback claim is NOT allowed by the merchant.

Cashback payment

Cashback earned from COuponExpress is your money and can be used to recharge online wallet, phone or even transfer to your bank account.

The money in your account NEVER expires. It's your money and you can use it anytime.

Read withdrawal options and limits for details.

To withdraw your balance, log in to your COuponExpress account and visit the Cashback Payment section of your Profile.

Select the method of withdrawal, bank etc.

Select the account where you wish to transfer your Available Balance.

Enter the amount and hit submit.

Bank transfers take between 5-7 business days to reflect in your account.

Note : Cashback earned from some merchants (Rewards) cannot be withdrawn to a bank account and is listed separately as rewards. Minimum withdrawal limit apply.

Also, there is absolutely no cost or fees applicable to withdrawing your balance.

More questions

You can submit your query by following these steps:

Please visit our Contact Us page.

Select 'Appropriate' under 'reason'

Describe your problem in the 'Problem Description' Box.

Our Customer Care team will be happy to assist you in resolving the issue.


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